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Students Rules for Online Safety

  • Never post or trade personal pictures
  • Never reveal or give personal information, such as address, phone number, or school name or location. 
  • Use only a screen name and don't share passwords (even with best friends). Can share only with parents. 
  • Never agree to get together in person with anyone met online without parent approval. 
  • Never respond to a threatening email, message, post, or text. It is not my fault if you get a message like that. If I do I will tell my parents right away. 
  • Always tell a parent or other trusted adult about any communication or conversation that was scary or hurtful or feel uncomfortable. 
  •  I will check with my parents before downloading or installing software or doing anything that could possibly hurt our computer or mobile device or jeopardize my family’s privacy. 
  •  I will talk with my parents so that we can set up rules for going online. 
  • I will be a good online citizen and not do anything that hurts other people or is against the law.

Classroom Rules for Students

  1. Free of Distraction - Setup a quiet place free of distractions (siblings, television, pets, toys, music. etc.) No Virtual backgrounds.
  2. Come prepared - have all materials ready for class (writing supplies, books, etc.)
  3. Be on time! - Allow yourself few minutes before to setup your work space.
  4. Video On - Video needs to be on all the time while class is in session. Make sure that teacher can see your face in the video.
  5. Respect - Be respectful of the learning process. No hand gestures or inappropriate language.
  6. Chat with Teacher only - Messaging with other students at any time is not acceptable.
  7. Do your best - Stay focused and be on task. Have a positive attitude.
  8. No eating during class

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