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Welcome Video from Principal and Vice-Principal Desk
MTS Tamil School - Troy

2020-21 MTS Tamil School - Troy Accouncements

Dear MTS Tamil School- Troy Parents,
On behalf of MTS Tamil school- Troy, I would like to write a quick note to express sincere thanks to the parents for working with the school in a very short time to have MS Teams setup and for helping complete week 1 of online Tamil School successfully.
When it was decided that schools were going virtual this year, we took it as our responsibility to get the best of tools available to ensure teachers and students had the tools, they needed to create an effective virtual learning environment.
MS Teams was approved at the end of August 2020 for the use of our school. In a span of 2 weeks, Thanks to the relentless work of many individuals and our Tech Team members– in particular Swami Palaniappan, Sathyabama Kumaran, Padma Ganesh, Venkat Shankar, Dev Madhan, Vijay Baskaran, and Kanimozhi Velayudam to train teachers on MS teams, to setup the MS Teams classes, and assign the students and ensure the school runs smooth on day 1. But we are still trying to find and improve the use of MS Teams.
Teachers/Volunteers: Many thanks for embracing the new technology. Needless to say, as always enthusiastic with interacting/educating the kids - in physical class or virtual class.
Grades 5 - 8 have the physical books distributed. Online books for these grades are not uploaded on the CTA website yet and we just came to know it may take another week.
KG, Adv KG, Grades 1-4 Books were shipped and should arrive in a week or two. Flip version online books are available in CTA website now. Downloadable version of the first four weeks of class materials will be available in teams (under "Files" tab) by tonight.
Will keep you posted on the next book distribution information soon.     
Encourage your kids to read story books from our online library at
We will keep you posted on what's happening at our school frequently using your mail. We will also post all the school communications in the Teams " Troy School Announcements" group.

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