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 Provide quality and friendly environment for students to learn Tamil (read, write, comprehend, and speak). Develop student fluency and competency in understanding Tamil and communicate their ideas in Tamil. 


Follow curriculum from International Tamil Academy, formerly known as California Tamil Academy. The focus of the entire curriculum includes the simultaneous development of basic vocabulary (noun, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.,) and he construction of sentences of varying degrees of complexity (form simple to more complex) and the ability to construct and write sentences in Tamil . This includes using the correct tense, count, gender or otherwise precise forms of various words.

ITA provides

• Curriculum and Syllabus Management
• Mandatory Text books and Optional story books
• Student and Teacher Syllabus
• Student Evaluation and Questions Papers
• Portal to manage school operations - Grade / Student Management 

Course Structure

• 32 Weeks – 3 Trimesters
• Schedule in alignment with local public schools calendar
• 90 Minutes per week class (Sat or Sun)
• 8 Tests / Projects per year (incl. 1 Final Exam)
• KG and 1st Grade – Weekly revision sheets
• Weekly home work and books to read at home (during the week)
• Text book, Exercise book and Optional story books
• Handwriting book and Interactive CD for lower grades
• Grade based on attendance, homework, class participation & test score
• Focus on oral and writing skills

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